Desmond Paul Henry1921 - 2004

British Pioneer of Computer Art

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The machine in action

"The computer, which hums a drowsy dirge to itself while working, is only a fraction of the size of the giant Atlas computer at the University (of Manchester). The Ideograph analogue computer is a mere two feet square and consists of a host of dials, springs, coils, gears, small electric motors and little flashing lights. Dr. Henry keeps the computer in front of his desk in the bay window of his book-lined study. The computer draws with three individually suspended spring-loaded ball-point pens filled with coloured inks which it wields in its shiny chrome hand. The paper or card on which the drawing is done is attached to an easel which can move in a horizontal plane at the same time as the computer's hand is drawing on it."

(The Manchester Guardian, 1962)


Desmond Paul Henry, Machine 3

Drawing Machine Number3

Four newspaper articles featuring the artist.

Below is a collection of four press cuttings taken from various British newspapers.
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Rare Interview with Desmond Paul Henry

In the last few years before Desmond Paul Henry passed away in 2004 Elaine O'hanrahan interviewed the artist. Featured below are a selection of sound files capturing that day. Hear him talk about his life, passions and his art.

British Computer Art Pioneer

Exhibitions: Desmond Paul Henry (1921-2004)

2012 (Oct)

blincdigital, Conwy, North Wales. Six Desmond Paul Henry originals were exhibited, alongside a selection of Henry images which were also screened. Henry’s links with his former Manchester University colleague, Alan Turing, were also highlighted at the exhibition.

2011 (Feb - May)

Desmond Paul Henry: Manchester Pioneer of Computer Art, MOSI, Manchester, UK. This SOLO exhibition was held at the Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester and is referenced by the New York Times and the BBC.

2011 (Jan)

Drawing with Code, DeCordova Sculpture Park and Museum Lincoln, MA, USA. Henry originals from the Anne and Michael Spalter Collection were included in the exhibition:. This exhibition provided a window into the past with some of the best examples of fruitful collaboration between technology and art.

2010 (March - April)

Atrocity Exhibition, Feinkost Gallery, Berlin,(6/3/2010 to 20/04/2010). Two Henry originals were requested by gallery curator Aaron Moulton for inclusion in this exhibition in homage to J. G. Ballard.

2010 (Feb)

Kinetica Art Fair, University of Westminster, London. Four Henry originals were exhibited in the Cybernetic Serendipity feature section of this exhibition. Daughter Elaine O'Hanrahan gave a talk on her father's work as an early British Computer Art pioneer.

2009 - 2010 (Feb - June)

Digital Pioneers, Senior Curator Doug Dodds kindly included at very short notice a D.P. Henry picture from the V & A collections archive.

1976 (Dec)

North West Artists, Manchester Evening News premises. Henry exhibited drawings produced by Drawing Machine Three.

1969 (Aug)

Cybernetic Serendipity on tour in the U.S.A. Venues included the Corcoran Gallery, Washington D.C and the Exploratorium, San Francisco. Henry’s Drawing Machine Two went on tour with this exhibition from which it returned completely damaged circa 1972.

1968 (Aug - Oct)

Cybernetic Serendipity, I.C.A, London. Drawing Machine Two together with its machine-generated images were exhibited at this major Computer Art show of the 1960’s.

1965 (July)

Frape Memorial Exhibition, Salford Art gallery. Henry exhibited a selection of pictures, together with other artists including L.S. Lowry, in memory of Mr. A. Frape, the former director of Salford Art Gallery who died in Nov. 1963.

1965 (Feb)

A performance of creative dance based around the stimuli of Henry’s ‘computer-drawn’ pictures was held at the Mather College, Manchester.

1964 (Oct)

One-man show of machine-produced drawings at Central Library, Manchester.

1962 (Oct)

Crumpsall Library: one-man exhibition of machine-drawings.

1962 (Sept)

Machine Drawings, Salford Art Gallery. This solo exhibition was claimed by Henry to be ‘the world’s first one-machine show’.

1962 (Sept)

Ideographs, The Reid Gallery, London’s West End. This exhibition was Henry’s one-man prize-show for winning the London Opportunity competition. Here Henry exhibited watercolours, graphics on photo-paper and for the first time, “machine-drawings”.

1961 (July-Aug)

London Opportunity, Salford Art Gallery. This was a local art competition for artists living within a 50 mile radius of Salford. Henry became the winner of this art competition with a picture which used, as its first stage for inspiration, effects produced using Henry’s unique photochemical technique. One of the judges for the prize was artist L.S. Lowry, who visited Henry’s home and on seeing his first drawing machine suggested he include ‘machine-drawings’ in his competition prize, a one-man show in London..

1955 (Sept)

Artists with North Country Associations, Manchester City Art Gallery. Here Henry exhibited an ink drawing.


Staff art shows, Manchester University. Pictures exhibited while a lecturer and reader in Philosophy.


Student art shows, Leeds University. Drawings exhibited while a student.

Desmond Paul Henry in the Media


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2007 was created in 2007 by Aly Sebastien of Redinko

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“D.P.Henry’s many exhibits show him to be prolific in experiment…….There is evidence of an alert and subtle mind in his best work.’ (Oliver, 1948)


‘University Art: virile exhibition in Leeds’ The Yorkshire Post (06/05/1947)
“But the outstanding contributions are undoubtedly the powerful allegory ‘Megapolitan Golgotha’ and other drawings by Desmond Paul Henry”.